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Voicemail Transcription

Utilizing the One40 AI (Artificial Intelligence) voice to text processing, you can have voicemails automatically converted to text and emailed to you. You are also able to access the transcribed message using the One40 Portal.

How Virtual Voicemail Works with One40

1. Callers Leave a Message

Your customers call and leave a voicemail message on a professional sounding virtual voicemail box associated with a phone number or extension of your choice.

2. You Get a Notification

You receive an email notification and a push notification on your One40 smartphone app letting you know that you just received a voicemail message.

3. Access Voicemail Anywhere

You can check your virtual voicemail on any device and receive voicemail messages as click-to-play audio files (voicemail-to-email) and/or voicemail transcriptions (voicemail-to-text).

FAQs on Virtual Voicemail System Features & Benefits

1. Why does my business need a virtual voicemail service like One40?

Voicemail is a crucial tool for every growing business. As a busy entrepreneur, you need an effective solution for when you can’t get to the phone—that’s where a virtual voicemail service like One40 has you covered.

When you sign up for One40, you’ll get multiple virtual voicemail boxes (as many as you need) to cover your employees, your departments, and any special numbers, or hotlines you set up during business hours or afterhours.

You’re able to check your voicemails from anywhere, and they can even be transcribed and emailed to an address of your choosing. This is part of the virtual phone system experience. No matter how big or small your company is, virtual voicemail services can improve the way you connect with customers and prospects.

2. What are the key benefits of business voicemail with One40?

One40’s virtual voicemail system makes it easy for you and your employees to receive and access voicemail messages where ever they go. It also allows you to keep long-term recordings of business voicemails, easily forward voicemails to colleagues, and improve response times to important customers, prospects, and callers.

The fact is, the faster you receive a voicemail message, the faster you and your team can respond to customers and prospects.

Studies have shown that up to 85% of callers who can’t reach a company on the first try won’t call back, and over 70% of those callers won’t leave a voicemail. Therefore, the callers who actually take the time to leave a voicemail message are indicating a serious level of interest in your business’s products and services. Following up quickly is critical.

If you wait too long to call a potential customer back you’re going to destroy their initial enthusiasm to do business with you. As a best practice, if your business gets a voicemail, you (or someone from your team) should follow up within 5-10 minutes.

With voicemail-to-email, you and your team to see the new voicemail instantly and can respond more efficiently. Even if you cannot return the call right away, you might be able to send a quick email to the caller to acknowledge that you have received his/her voicemail message and will follow up shortly.

There are lots of creative ways to use One40’s virtual voicemail system. You can use voicemail transcription for event RSVPs, customer support ticketing systems, lead generation systems (popular for real estate agents etc.), and more. You can even call your own voicemail to send yourself an emailed note. One40 can even act as a standalone voicemail system for any phone number that you don’t want to take calls on.

3. How do I check my virtual voicemail?

You can access your virtual voicemail boxes the following ways on the One40 mobile app, in your One40 online account, and in your email inbox (with voicemail to email enabled).

4. How many virtual voicemail boxes can I set up?

As many as you’d like. You can have a separate voicemail box for any phone number, extension, or menu option on your auto attendant. You can even add a virtual voicemail box to your after-hours closed message. Customizing your voicemail is a great way to make sure your important messages get to the right person or department.

5. How many voicemail extensions can I have?

One40 offers customers an unlimited number of phone extensions with every plan. So basically as many as you need to make your business work.

6. Does One40 offer voicemail-to-email?

Yes, when you receive a voicemail on any extension you’ll receive an instant notification as an email with an audio attachment. Simply click the audio file to listen to the message and forward the message to anyone you’d like.

7. Why is voicemail-to-email useful?

Because One40 automatically emails your voicemails, you’ll always know when you have a message even if you don’t have your phone handy. This means you can follow up with important calls and customers quickly or forward the voicemail recording to a member of your team so they can respond. And, because you’re using email, you can include a helpful note explaining the voicemail’s key points.

8. Does voicemail-to-email cost extra?

No. Voicemail-to-email comes free with every One40 account.

9. Does One40 offer voicemail-to-text (i.e. voicemail transcription)?

Voicemail to Text Auto uses software to automatically transcribe voicemail messages.

10. Why is voicemail-to-text useful?

With voice-to-text voicemail transcription, your voicemail messages are transcribed by an automated system giving you the ability to read your voicemail rather than actually listening to your messages. You can multi-task by reading your voicemails while you’re on the phone or, quite frankly, sometimes it’s just easier to quickly read a voicemail instead of listening to someone painfully drone on in a lengthy message. Also, if you miss something you might have to listen to it multiple times (we’ve all been there). When you can’t or don’t want to listen to your voicemail, voicemail-to-text is what you want.

11. Does voicemail-to-text cost extra?

Yes. Voice-to-text voicemail transcription is something you can add to any account for $5/month, which includes 40 messages/month. Additional messages are billed at 9c per message.

12. How accurate are the voicemail transcriptions?

One40 uses state-of-the-art voice-to-text machine transcriptions to automatically transcribe voicemail messages to text. However, like all voicemail transcription services the quality of the voicemail transcriptions varies depending on the clarity of the caller’s voice (accents, enunciation, speed, tone, etc.) and background noise.

13. How long will One40 keep my voicemail messages?

Your saved voicemail messages will be stored in your virtual phone system for 60 days. After 60 days they will be deleted automatically. We recommend downloading any Voicemail Messages that you need to keep for longer than 60 days.

14. Can I upload my own voicemail greetings?

Customers can record their own voicemail greetings via their smartphone, computer microphone, uploading an existing audio file, or using our Voice Talent Studio to create a professional sounding message.

Remember voicemail greetings are powerful business tools. They can do much more than just identify you. Voicemail help inform your callers with helpful information like directions to your office, details about an upcoming event, or answers to FAQs. You can have different voicemail greetings for various situations, such as one greeting for business hours, one for weekends, and one for holidays. One40 provides you with various greeting options so you can create the exact customer experience you want.

15. What are some good tips for setting up a business voicemail box?

  • Smile when you record your voicemail greeting
  • Don’t forget to say your business name (people forget)
  • Speak as clearly as possible
  • Use a professional voice (we offer free voice talents)
  • Give helpful information
  • Incorporate a fun fact if you want (but keep it short)

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